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课程代码:F043023     授课地点:18-418    授课时间:SPRING, 1-9周, 每周四 下午 5-8 节

授课教师:谭晓阳 x.tan@nuaa.edu.cn   12-110  Tel: 84896490-12110

助教:宋凤仪 fengyi.song86@gmail.com  12-315

教科书:  Introduction to Information Retrieval by Christopher D. Manning, Prabhakar Raghavan and Hinrich Schütze (on-line version available)

参考书: 1.Modern Information Retrieval by Ricardo Baeza-Yates and Berthier Ribeiro-Neto (国内机械工业出版社有中文版及影印版)

         2.Information Retrieval by C. J. van RIJSBERGEN (on-line version available).

讲义:please download the slides from the textbook website. also, cached zip version (~10M).

评分标准:100% = Assignment 20% +  Presentation 20%  + Attendance 10%  + Final Exam 50%. (Presentation:  SIGIRWWWCIKMACL论文集,或从Readings中选择一篇学术论文进行阅读,并准备15分钟的阅读报告)

Related Links

1.Information Retrieval and Web Search at Utexas, by  Raymond J. Mooney. (with the same textbook)

2. Information Retrieval Course at UMASS, by James Allan. (contains some advanced topics)

3.Instruction to Text Information Systems at UIUC ,by Chengxiang Zhai. (lots of interesting links including some IR tools)

4.IR theory at Rutgers University, by G.Muresan.(with very good recommended readings and a general bibliography maintained)

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